• About the RESET™ Air Accredited Professionals (AP) Program


    The RESET™ Air Accredited Professionals (AP) Training consists of a two-part process:


    a) Learning modules + online exam (free), and

    b) On-site technical exam (requires payment)


    The learning modules are compulsory - you must complete viewing each of the modules to be prepared for the on-site technical training and final exam.

    The exam is a practicum that is administered by a RESET professional trainer and is proctored by them with a time limit. The on-site practicum requires you to assess both a Core & Shell (CS) and a Commercial Interior (CI) project, and apply the RESET Air standards to them. Although hypothetical, the projects you will receive are based on real projects, using real-life scenarios. It requires you to review the project conditions, a project team’s narrative, and review and/or execute calculations to create a final deployment plan.

    In addition to the practical exam, an online “written” exam is also required. The online exam will test your familiarity and comprehension of much of what is going to be covered in these webinar modules.



  • Module 1: RESET History & Introduction

  • Module 2: Mission & Intent

  • Module 3: The RESET Approach

  • Module 4: Target Pollutants

  • Module 5: RESET Air Accredited Monitors

  • Module 6: RESET Air Accredited Data Providers

  • Module 7: Solutions, Innovations & Case Studies

  • Module 8: Productivity & ROI